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Awakening Vitality

Kath State:
The Energy of Inner Fire™

Individual Practices

The Kath State Movements™

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Kath State Movements The Kath State Movements are five precise chi-generating exercises that awaken our inner fire. Once the energy of inner fire is awakened, we are able to direct it within us, generating the chi of the five Cavities of our body that are associated with the Five Classical Elements.

Group Work

Core Fire: Awaken • Generate • Revitalize™

The Oscar Ichazo Foundation
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Core Fire The purpose of this Work is to provide you with a number of different ways to awaken, generate and revitalize yourself with Kath energy or chi. In order to live a healthy and energized life, it is important to learn how to awaken and generate the vital energy of your Kath point, found in your core area, which we call "Core Fire."


Core Fire, Awaken • Generate • Revitalize™

Oscar Ichazo

Core Fire Book The Core Fire; Awaken • Generate • Revitalize book provides a direct and healthy way to live a life full of vitality with the innate Kath Energy found in our body.
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